Saturday, April 30, 2016

I lost a win - but got a win!

Morning everyone :)

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Story of one of my wins this week... I was so excited to find out I won a mixer! I got the email but was a bit surprised by the comment - Please come to pick up your pize.. I checked out the rules and it said nothing about picking up the prize. I wrote back with my shipping address - but they wrote back again with a definite you have to pick up your prize. So I politely declined and thanked them. End of story. I suppose I could have fought for the prize but sometimes you have to just let it go and say NEXT and don't waste your time and just look for another prize..

on the other side I had a colonoscopy yesterday - wanted to post all the friday freebies - sorry guys but nature calls anyway - I did get to do "ClayandRuthieShoutOutFriday" which is the  opportunity for all my friends to share their youtubes, facebook, twitter, giveaways, whatever they want with each other make sure you sub to us on youtube click here as I am old.. haaa.. friends are the real wins in life and I don't get crazy about wins - I like to win but being too intense makes for a sad and miserable hobby of sweepstaking. - On the lighter side I did win a cat dish from on #WINITWEDNESDAY this week! I didn't check my other wins but I will keep you all posted so you can win too! Those Win It Wednesdays are nice on facebook because they are like a 24/hour win and you enter and know right away if you get a prize! Anyone can win!

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