Thursday, June 9, 2016

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Helps for Mail in sweepstaking ----
One trick that many sweeper like to do is to decorate their mail in sweepstakes feeling that this will make the sponsor pick their name. Some will even wet down their paper and dry it so it is a little stiffer feeling that this may make it easier for a sponsor to grab their entry. One easy way to be ready for entering mail in sweepstakes is to have all of your material ready and on hand so that when you want to enter a sweepstake all you have to do is to grab your supplies and you are good to go. I like having a box of colored papers, pens, postcards etc. handy for this purpose along with my other supplies. Please bear in mind that many companies will put your entry into a computer so decorating may not be necessary but if you know that it is a small contest or one where the sponsor will be picking your name take the time to decorate but then again no guarantees here just something to think about. 

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