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   I am loving reviewing The Flat Box-Lunch box it is really cool as you can pack your lunch and wherever you go you have a "CLEAN" surface to eat off. I love this as I can remember the days where I did a lot of traveling and many times I ate in the car and just to have a spot to lay out my food on my lap is great. Of course my mind began to tick on some other uses I could use the bag for as I love to crochet - My addiction. I liked it because if I want to crochet or EMBRODIER I have a nice spot to lay out my work no matter where I am at and don't have to worry about my needlepoint getting dirty. So many uses.. My husband said Hey that could be used as a diaper bag and you could probably change a wee one on it. True! I remember when Russell was born I loved the tiny diaper bags that I could bring to church and this would be even better as I could use this as a quick change over the changing table at church and then toss it in the laundry for the next service. All said so many uses and I love the design! To order yours go to to I received mine free of charge for my honest review :) 

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Today I have been going from pillar to post if you have been watching me on youtube today you may have seen me talking about my review new Classic JOLLY clogs from and I am LOVING THEM! I told Clay that these are the best garden clogs I ever owned (you can get them as shoes too if you don't like the back open.) They are made in Germany and SUPER COMFORTABLE! So many choices you really need to spend some time on the site to pick out the perfect colors and DESIGNS you love. I wear clogs year round as they are so practical when I am working and have to dash to go somewhere or it's Raining or dewy in the morning. The special design too makes them easy for cleaning and they LAST just about FOREVER!!!! If you are looking for a good summer footwear this is it! Let me know if you have ever owned this and chat with me on twitter @R47R and let me know if you own them or if you are going to buy a pair let me know which ones you picked out ! And getting back to my pillar to post story - These shoes were perfect for a day like today where I had some running around after my feet were already so tired from running around yesterday and then waking up at 3 am today .. and without my nap .. well you know I just keep moving.. and the shoes were a HUGE blessing for those very tired feet! I give these a HUGE thumbs up. We did receive our garden shoes free of charge in exchange for our honest review.

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